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Many locals will be familiar with the fine public house on the A34 in Scholar Green known as ‘The Bleeding Wolf’. Its connection with the Lawton family is genuine, although its history is not quite as it seems. ‘The Inn of the Bleeding Wolf’ as it was known in the early 1800s was owned by Charles Bourne Lawton and used as an inn providing accommodation, ale and other services including using its stables as the local morgue!


The original Bleeding Wolf c1900

Although the building was left in his will to his second wife Marianne Lawton, the current building is not the actual one she acquired.

The fine Grade II thatched cottage you see today was purpose built in a Vernacular Revival style by Robinsons Brewery of Stockport in 1936. It was build in the rear garden of the original ‘Bleeding Wolf’ which was then demolished to create the front car park. (


The new Bleeding Wolf under construction


The current thatch was fitted in 1999 following a fire that destroyed the original. Fortunately the fire did not damage the rest of the building.  

Following the fire

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